Dairy Queen Specials

Dairy Queen brought out a wonderful promotion a while back that’s filled with value and no Dairy Queen coupons are required! The Dairy Queen $5 Lunch gets you an entree, fries, drink and a sundae dessert, all for $5!! It’s such a great value that you can even upgrade the sundae to a small Dairy Queen Blizzard for only one more dollar! $6 gets you an entree, fries, drink and a Blizzard! Dairy Queen also has the $6 Buck Lunch which features a more premium entree. Check out our $6 Buck Lunch page!

There are 2 different meals currently available for the Dairy Queen lunch special. Each features a different entree, but you can still get your choice of flavored sundae and 21 ounce drink. 4 items for only $5 is a great value.

3 Piece Chicken Tenders Meal

Deluxe Cheeseburger Meal

Dairy Queen 5 Buck Lunch 3 Piece Chicken Tender