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Subway has a variety of promotions, specials and Subway deals and coupons to help you get your favorite sub sandwiches at a special price. This is a great way to try a variety of footlong subs that you might not normally try. Subway had one of the best fast food promotions ever when they started their $5 footlong promotion. They even had a ridiculously popular and catchy commercial that gave them a really large boost in the United States. These $5 footlong subs were included in their Subway Sub of the Day and Subway Sub of the Month promotions. Subway reintroduced their Subway Sub of the Day program with 7 different subs to choose from, a different one each day!

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Both promotions featured a variety of sub sandwiches, either a new one each day or a new one each month. For the Subway Sub of the Day promotion, Subway had a classic sub available each day of the week. For the Subway Sub of the Month promotion, they would make one of their subs the featured sub of the month. These promotions are usually available at every Subway location, but I would recommend checking with your local restaurant.

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Subway was initially known as Pete’s Drive-In: Super Submarines when it was founded in 1965 in Bridgeport, Connecticut. It wasn’t known as Subway until three years after it was founded. The initial founder was Fred DeLuca, who was able to start the business when he borrowed $1,000 from his family friend Peter Buck. The first franchise location started in 1974 and was opened in Wallingford, Connecticut. It only took 4 years for them to reach their 100th store opening in 1978, and they hit 1,000 open stores just 9 years after that in 1987. Subway’s massive growth and expansion has never seemed to slow down with there being over 41,000 locations in over 100 countries as of June 2021.

Subway has always been known for its focus on providing healthy alternatives to traditional fast-food. In 1988, Subway introduced the “7 Under 6” menu, which featured seven subs that were all under six grams of fat. The company also invented the “Subway Club” sandwich that same year, which is still one of their most popular menu items.

In the 1990s, Subway continued to grow, and by 1998, the company had more than 10,000 locations worldwide. In 2001, Subway launched its “5 Dollar Footlong” promotion, which quickly became a customer favorite. The promotion was so successful that it was eventually expanded to include a variety of subs.

Today, Subway is the world’s largest restaurant chain, with more than 45,000 locations. Subway’s commitment to offering healthier alternatives to traditional fast-food has helped the company become one of the most recognizable names in the food industry. The company continues to expand and is looking to open even more locations in the coming years.

Subway’s success is a testament to its commitment to providing healthier alternatives to traditional fast-food. With its wide variety of subs and commitment to customer service, Subway has become one of the most recognizable names in the food industry.

Subway’s business model allows customers to have a Subway “sandwich artist” make the sub sandwich right in front of them as they dictate the toppings and condiments that they’d like. The restaurants can be relatively small to where they’ve even had locations inside residential gas stations. For franchise owners, the costs to start a location is generally pretty affordable, though the percentage of profits franchisees must pay back to Subway is higher than many competitors.

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Subway Deals and Specials December 2022

BOGO Footlong Right now Subway has an offer through their website for buy one get one free footlong sandwiches. You can create your own or choose one of the subway sub of the day classic sandwiches. Once you place your
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Subway Specials & Deals September 2019

Subway Specials, Deals & Promotions for September 2019. Including 13-Hour Pit-Smoked Brisket Subs, Beyond Meat Meatball Subs, Subway Sliders, and Caramel Apple Cookies.
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Subway And Twitch SUBtember 2019

Subway and Twitch Intro SUBtember in September 2019 with $5 or $6 Footlong Subs, 50% Off Tier 1 Twitch Subscriptions, and 10% Additional Bits when Cheering 10 or More.
Subway Sub of the Day

Subway Specials & Deals August 2019

Subway Specials, Deals & Promotions for August 2019 Including Ciabatta Bread, Huberts Lemonade, 6" Inch Subs for $2.99, Subway Rewards, and 3 Cookies for $2.

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Year Founded: 1965
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