The Subway Sub of the Day is and was one of the greatest and most well known fast food promotions of all time. The Subway Sub of the Day promotion does vary by location with local favorites sometimes being chosen over another sub in the weekly lineup. International restaurants also include local and cultural favorites in place of some of the staples we are used to in the United States. These days the Subway Sub of the Day is also $6 instead of the original $5 footlong and in some locations it can even be as much as $7 a sub. Considering it’s a footlong sub with your choice of toppings and dressings, it’s still a great deal!
Here is the classic Subway Sub of the Day menu. This menu is the most common among Subway stores in the United States and features some of their most classic and beloved subs.

Subway Sub of the Day

Monday Sub of the Day – Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki
Tuesday Sub of the Day – Oven Roasted Chicken
Wednesday Sub of the Day – Turkey Breast
Thursday Sub of the Day – Italian B.M.T
Friday Sub of the Day – Tuna
Saturday Sub of the Day – Black Forest Ham
Sunday Sub of the Day – Meatball Marinara

Other promotions at Subway include their $3.50 6-inch select which gets you one of the classic Subway Sub of the Day sub sandwiches in the 6-inch size for a great low price. In the past they have had giant national deals such as Subtember or Februany where all of their sub sandwiches are available as a Five Dollar Footlong or Six Dollar Footlong for the entire month. This is part of their Subway Sub Of The Month promotion which features a new $5 footlong or $6 footlong for the whole month.

Subway has a great menu that lets you pick between your favorite types of breads, meats, cheeses, veggies, condiments and dressings. And they don’t just do sandwiches! They also have a great selection of soups and salads to choose from as you can choose any sub sandwich to have made into a salad. They also now serve breakfast which features a variety of flatbread breakfast sandwiches to choose from. You can also choose to make your footlong sub “deluxe” which adds 50% more meat to the sandwich. Don’t forget – you also always have the option of toasting your sub.

This Subway deal originally started at a hospital in Miami, Florida by a franchise owner who was attempting to increase sales on the weekend. He had noticed that the sales during the weekends were always slower than sales during the week. He decided the best way to do this was by creating a new promotion to generate interest and to get more people into his restaurants. He ended up making every footlong sub in his store the same price and chose the nice round number of $5. This was the birth of the $5 dollar footlong which helped lead Subway into creating the Subway Sub of the Day.