Subway Monthly Special

In addition to the Subway Sub of the Day promotion, they also have a Subway Sub Of The Month promotion. This Subway deal features a new footlong sub sandwich every month. Often times they’ll use this Subway special to introduce a new sub that they’re offering at Subway restaurants. It’s a great way to promote a new sub and to get people into the store to try another delicious option from Subway. In the past they have had monthly specials such as Subtember or Februany where every sub sandwich that they had to choose from was available at their special promo price. Take advantage of that deal and you could try a new style of footlong every day for an entire month! The sub available at your local Subway restaurant could vary.

Subway Sub of the Month April

A brand new sub is available at Subway this April! It’s the Italian Herb sub sandwich and it’s packed with 3 types of meat, Cpicy Capicola, Genoa Salami and Mortadella. Pick your favorite dressings, veggies and toppings and have yourself this awesome sub sandwich.

Italian Hero