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The history of Culver’s is one of hard work, dedication, and a commitment to providing quality food and service. Founded in 1984 in Sauk City, Wisconsin, Culver’s has grown to become one of the most recognizable names in the restaurant industry.

The story of Culver’s began with its founders, Craig and Lea Culver. Craig had been working in the restaurant business since he was a teenager, while Lea had a degree in business and a passion for customer service. The couple opened their first Culver’s in Sauk City, and the restaurant quickly became a favorite with locals and tourists alike.

In the years that followed, the couple continued to expand their business, opening new locations in Wisconsin and eventually expanding into other states. Today, there are over 600 locations across the United States.

At the heart of Culver’s success is its commitment to quality. The restaurant uses only fresh, locally-sourced ingredients in their dishes, from the beef in their burgers to the custard in their famous frozen custard treats. The kitchen staff also focuses on preparing food quickly and efficiently, making sure that customers get their orders as quickly as possible.

Culver’s also prides itself on offering a variety of menu items. From sandwiches and salads to sundaes and shakes, there’s something for everyone at Culver’s. The restaurant also offers a variety of kid-friendly menu items, making it a great spot for families.

The chain has also become a leader in the fast-food industry, pioneering a number of initiatives to support local communities and the environment. Through their “Culver’s Cares” program, the chain has donated money and resources to a number of charities, as well as launching initiatives to reduce waste.

Culver’s has come a long way since its humble beginnings in Sauk City. From its commitment to quality ingredients and customer service to its dedication to giving back to the community, Culver’s has earned its place as one of the most beloved fast-food chains in the United States.

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Year Founded: 1984
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