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Jollibee New Chicken Sandwich and Ube Pie

Jollibee Adds New Chicken Sandwiches & Ube Pie

New at Jollibee: Bacon & Cheese, Aloha Chicken Sandwiches, and Ube Pie! Limited time only … Read More

About Jollibee

Jollibee is a fast-food restaurant chain that originated in the Philippines in 1978. It was founded by Tony Tan Caktiong and his family, who initially started with a simple ice cream parlor. However, they soon began offering hot meals and sandwiches upon realizing that these items sold more than ice cream. Today, Jollibee has become a symbol of Filipino pride and has expanded globally with over 1,300 stores worldwide, including locations in the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, and the Middle East.

Jollibee’s popularity is largely due to its unique menu that combines Western fast-food style with a distinct Filipino twist. The restaurant is best known for its “Chickenjoy,” a crispy fried chicken served with a side of spaghetti tossed in a sweet tomato sauce and hotdog slices. Other popular items include the “Yumburger,” a burger with a special sauce, and “Jolly Spaghetti,” a sweet-style spaghetti. Jollibee has become a cultural icon in the Philippines, with its mascot being a large red bee, symbolizing the hardworking and joyful nature of Filipinos. The restaurant’s social relevance is evident in its strong presence in the community, often being the go-to place for family gatherings and celebrations.