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Bojangles, the beloved fast food chain, has been delighting customers with its Southern-style food since 1977. Bojangles’ famous chicken and biscuits, Cajun-spiced fries, and sweet tea have become staples of the Southern diet, and the restaurant’s unique flavor has been bringing people in for decades. But what is the history behind this beloved chain?

The story begins in 1977 when an entrepreneur named Jack Fulk opened the first Bojangles’ restaurant in Charlotte, NC. Fulk had previously owned a restaurant chain called “Hickory Farms,” and his experience and knowledge helped him to create a new concept that would be a hit with customers. Fulk wanted to create a fast-food chain that focused on traditional Southern cuisine and that served up breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Fulk wanted to create an atmosphere that was welcoming and home-like, and he set out to create a restaurant that was unique and different from the traditional fast-food chains at the time. He chose the name “Bojangles” as a way to capture the spirit of the South and its music. He also chose a logo of a man named “Bo” wearing a bow tie, which was a nod to the popular dance of the same name.

The restaurant quickly became popular for its unique and flavorful menu items, and Fulk soon opened more locations. By 1989, the chain had grown to over 200 locations across the South and into the Midwest. In 1996, Bojangles’ went public, and the chain continued to expand in the ensuing years.

Today, Bojangles’ is a beloved chain that has spread throughout the region. The chain has over 600 locations in 13 states, and it continues to offer customers their favorite Southern-style dishes. From its humble beginnings in Charlotte, Bojangles’ has become an institution in the South, and its delicious food and welcoming atmosphere have made it a favorite among customers for decades.

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Year Founded: 1977
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