Bojangles Launches Bo-Berry Cookie

Bojangles is rolling out a brand-new treat that’s sure to delight your sweet tooth! For a limited time, you can enjoy the Bo-Berry Cookie, an enticing addition to their dessert menu. This isn’t just any ordinary cookie; it’s a freshly baked sugar cookie brimming with the goodness of Bo Berries.

Bojangles New Bo-Berry Cookie
Image via Bojangles

Pricing & Availability

The Bo-Berry Cookie is affordably priced, expected to be around $1.49 for a single cookie. However, be aware that the price can vary based on location.

Discover More at Bojangles

If you’re a dessert enthusiast, don’t miss out on the classic Bo-Berry Biscuit. This signature treat is a buttermilk biscuit made from scratch, filled with Bo Berries, and then finished with a generous topping of sweet icing.

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