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For those who love burgers, Five Guys is a household name. The Virginia-based chain has become a phenomenon in the fast food industry, with over 1,500 locations across the United States, Canada, and Europe. With its famous “five guys,” fresh ingredients, and delicious menu items, it’s easy to see why the restaurant has become so popular.

But where did it all start? Five Guys was founded in 1986 by Jerry and Janie Murrell and their four sons, Matt, Chad, Ben, and Tyler. The Murrell family had been running a successful business selling Virginia peanuts and other snack foods, but they wanted to do something bigger. After discussing the idea of a burger restaurant, the family decided to open the first Five Guys in Arlington, Virginia.

The original Five Guys restaurant was known for its fresh ingredients and unique toppings. The burgers were made with fresh ground beef and the family’s own special blend of spices. The restaurant also offered a variety of toppings, from grilled onions and mushrooms to bacon and jalapeños.

In the early days, the Murrells ran the restaurant out of their home in Arlington. They had no formal training in the restaurant business, so they learned as they went. The family went to great lengths to make sure their customers were happy, and soon, the restaurant was a hit.

As the business grew, Jerry and Janie decided to open more locations and began franchising in 2003. The franchise model allowed them to expand quickly and they soon had locations all over the country. In 2008, Five Guys went international, opening its first location in the United Kingdom.

Today, Five Guys is one of the most popular burger chains in the world. The restaurant continues to use fresh ingredients and high-quality products, and the Murrells’ commitment to customer satisfaction remains at the heart of the business. It’s this commitment that has made Five Guys a success and a favorite among burger lovers.

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Year Founded: 1986
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