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Starbucks started in 1971 in Seattle, Washington where it is currently headquartered. It has the 3rd most locations in the entire world with more than 23,000. The United States has the most locations with over 13,000. China, Canada, Japan and South Korea fill out the rest of the top 5. For a period of 20 years Starbucks averaged 2 new store openings a day. Their name comes from a character in Moby-Dick, though it’s just because they liked the name, there isn’t any extra meaning behind the name choice.

Starbucks’ menu is obviously mostly hot or cold drinks with coffee being their most popular. Their teas and juices are also very popular. In addition to drinks they also have food, ranging in variety from location to location. Items included are hot or cold sandwiches, pastries, cookies, wraps and even hot breakfast food such an egg and meat sandwiches.

Starbucks History

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