Wendy’s Deals

With their 4 for 4 meal deal promotion, Wendy’s sparked a huge trend within the fast food market. The promotion features different meals that each include 4 items and each only costs $4. Each meal includes a small drink, small fries and 4 piece chicken nuggets. There are three different entrees you can choose from, Double Stack cheeseburger, the crispy chicken BLT and the Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger.

Wendy’s 4 for 4

Wendy’s uses a square hamburger patty to stand out from other famous burger spots and is famous for other unique aspects such as their sea salt fries. Unlike other major burger joints, they don’t really have a signature menu item like a Big Mac or Whopper. They’re famous for their Frosty ice cream deserts, which have also been used for awesome promotions like their $2 Frosty Key Tags, which got you a free Frosty every time you made a purchase.

Wendy’s History

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