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Panda Express is the largest and most popular Chinese-American fast-food chain in the United States. It has become a household name in the American food industry and is known for its delicious and unique Chinese-American cuisine.

The history of Panda Express dates back to 1983, when Andrew and Peggy Cherng opened their first restaurant in Glendale, California. They wanted to offer a unique dining experience for their customers with a focus on providing fresh and flavorful Chinese-American food. They decided to name their restaurant Panda Express after the panda bear, which symbolizes strength, good luck and prosperity.

The restaurant quickly became popular among locals and within a few months, the Cherngs decided to expand their business by opening more locations in California. As word spread about the quality and taste of their food, Panda Express started to gain national attention and by 1987, the chain had expanded to over 200 restaurants.

Today, Panda Express has over 2,200 locations in the United States and in several international locations. The company’s menu is based on traditional Chinese dishes, but also includes some unique American creations. Some of the most popular items on the menu include kung pao chicken, orange chicken, chow mein, egg rolls, and sweet and sour pork.

Panda Express has also been successful in introducing new and innovative items to their menu. In recent years, they have added a number of vegetarian options, as well as some Asian-inspired dishes. They also have an online ordering system, which allows customers to order their food from the comfort of their own homes.

The company has also become involved in social and charitable activities. They have sponsored events such as the Special Olympics and the American Red Cross. Additionally, they have donated millions of dollars to disaster relief efforts in the United States.

Panda Express has come a long way over the past 30 years. From its humble beginnings in Glendale, California, it has become one of the most recognizable Chinese-American fast-food restaurants in the United States. It has also become a symbol of quality and flavor in the American food industry.

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Year Founded: 1983
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