Dive Into Film Magic with Baskin-Robbins Treats

Starting May 1, Baskin-Robbins is rolling out an extraordinary treat for its guests nationwide — a delightful, imaginative menu crafted in collaboration with Paramount Pictures’ new film, IF. This exclusive, limited-time offering is designed to whisk you away to a world where taste and cinema collide, creating an unforgettable experience. Available at all Baskin-Robbins locations and via the BR App, this menu promises to dazzle your taste buds while supplies last.

Baskin Robbins IF Movie Inspired Menu
Image via Baskin-Robbins

Imaginative Flavors & Experiences

Dive into the magic of IF through Baskin-Robbins’ specially curated treats and experiences that bring the film’s enchanting world to life:

  • Blue’s Boardwalk Bash: Revel in the whimsy of Blue with this blue raspberry-flavored ice cream, decked out with crunchy OREO® Cookie Pieces and mesmerizing cotton candy swirls.
  • Blossom’s Berry Twirl: Embrace the sweetness of Blossom with a delightful mix of strawberry and sweet cream ice creams, adorned with rainbow sprinkles and pink sugar cookie dough flowers.
  • Creature Creations®: Transform your ice cream into the adorable Blue or Blossom with a character-inspired specialty cup and a stunning white chocolate topper.
  • What IF? Sundae: Unleash your creativity with this imaginative sundae: a piece of confetti cake beneath two scoops of Blossom’s Berry Twirl, layered with sweet strawberry topping, rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream, and crowned with a cherry.

Beyond the Screen

Baskin-Robbins extends the magic of IF beyond the silver screen, offering unique experiences and opportunities for fans to engage with their imaginations:

  • Imagination Station: This digital delight allows fans to draw their imaginary friends (IF) online and watch as they come to life in a unique picture, complete with a special offer to buy one scoop, get one 50% off.
  • 4D Photo Booth Experience: Step into the whimsical world of IF at the Treat Your Imagination 4D Photo Booth. Located on the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, this pop-up experience on May 18 from 1 to 7 p.m., offers guests the chance to enjoy immersive photo moments and the potential to win free ice cream for a year!

Don’t miss this chance to indulge your senses and imagination with Baskin-Robbins’ latest film-inspired menu and experiences. Mark your calendars and prepare for a journey of flavorful discovery and whimsical delight!

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