Spice Up Your Biscuits with Cheddapeño

Church’s Chicken has put a spicy spin on its beloved Honey-Butter Biscuits with the launch of their latest creation – the Cheddapeño Biscuit. This new treat infuses the classic biscuit with bold flavors that are sure to appeal to those who like a little heat with their sweets.

Church's Chicken Cheddapeño Biscuits
Image via Church’s Chicken

Tantalizing Taste

The Cheddapeño Biscuit is a flavor-packed baked good that provides a balance of savory cheese and fiery jalapeños. Here’s what you can look forward to with every bite:

  • A base of the original Honey-Butter Biscuit that fans know and love.
  • An added zest with diced jalapeños blended into the dough.
  • Amped-up savoriness from real cheddar cheese baked right in.

Freshly Made Daily

‘Made fresh in small batches every day’ isn’t just a phrase at Church’s Chicken — it’s a promise. The Cheddapeño Biscuits are hand-crafted daily to ensure that customers get the best quality with each visit. Here’s what sets them apart:

  • Each biscuit is prepared and baked on-site.
  • Church’s Chicken commits to the freshness of its ingredients and final products.

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