7-Eleven Launches Hot Dog Water on April 1

7-Eleven has teamed up with Miracle Seltzer to launch an audacious new flavor within its beverage repertoire – the Big Bite Hot Dog Sparkling Water. This innovative drink is said to offer the unique taste of a 7-Eleven signature Big Bite Hot Dog, complete with ketchup and mustard essences, in the form of a sparkling water.

7-11 Hot Dog Water Sparkling
Image via 7-11

Hot Dog Flavor Release Details

While the eagerly anticipated Hot Dog flavor is set to make its debut, specifics about its availability will be shared on April 1st. This date might hint at a playful spirit given its alignment with April Fools’ Day, so stay tuned for the official announcement. Hopefully this is a real flavor that’s going to be released and not simply an April Fools’ Day joke!

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