carls jr hardees specials march 2019

Carl’s Jr. Vanilla Cold Brew

Now available at Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s is the new vanilla cold brew! Made with 100% Arabica light roast coffee, this Peruvian Guatemalan coffee blend tastes great and will get the energy flowing.

Froot Loops Mini Donuts

What a crazy mashup! Classic mini donuts mixed with the popular cereal brand Froot Loops are a tasty treat for breakest or for dessert. You get 5 donuts with your order and they come in five vibrant colors, blue, green, yellow, red and purple. They cost $1.99 though that will vary depending on location. They taste and smell exactly like Froot Loops which is pretty wild!

Famous Star Beyond Burger with Cheese

Vegetarians now have the opportunity to get a classic Famous Star while not having to eat meat! The Beyond Famous Star is a 100% plant based 1/4 pound charbroiled burger. It comes with the classic Famous Star toppings, lettuce tomato, onions, special sauce, pickles, mayo and, if you want it, cheese. The Beyond Famous Star patty comes from Beyond Meat who have set out the goal of making burgers and sausages that taste exactly like meat and are made from 100% plant based sources.

Charbroiled Double Deals

Carl’s Jr. has a new deal on their double burgers. For only $2.49, you can have your choice of a Double Cheeseburger, California Class Double Cheeseburger or the Jalapeno Double Cheeseburger. This is an awesome price for three great burgers.

carls jr hardees specials march 2019

Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s Specials & Deals March 2019

Carl's Jr & Hardee's Specials, Deals & Promotions March 2019 Including Vanilla Cold Brew, Froot Loops Mini Donuts, Famous Star Beyond Burgers and Charbroiled Double Deals

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