Del Taco Specials & Deals October 2019

Carnitas Are Back At Del Taco! Get 2 Carnitas Burritos for $6

Del Taco Breakfast Toasted Wrap

Delicious Carnitas are back on the menu and are now available at Del Taco! There are a variety of new Del Taco menu items that feature Carnitas such as the Carnitas Combo Burrito, Carnitas Loaded Fries, Epic Carnitas Burriot, Carnitas Street Tacos Plato and the Cernitas Wet Burrito Plato. As an added bonus, Del Taco currently has a promotion that offers 2 Carnitas Combo Burritos for only $6! These burriots features tender braised, shredded pork Carnitas with beans, cheese, green sauce and their classic flour tortilla. And the best part is that with a coupon you can get a FREE medium drink with purchase of 2 Carnitas Combo Burritos for $6! You can download the app to get access to the coupon on either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Breakfast Toasted Wrap Featuring Bacon or Chorizo Sausage

Del Taco’s breakfast menu is expanding even more with the introduction of their new Breakfast Toasted Wrap. There are 4 different options available including crispy bacon, chorizo sausage, carne asada or just simple egg & cheese. Regardless of your choice, each breakfast wrap features scrambled eggs, hashbrown sticks, cheddar cheese and salsa. The new Breakfast Toasted Wrap is a great way to wake up and start the morning and it’s easy to eat during your morning commute.

New Mini Churro Dipper Shake Available Now

Fast food desserts have gotten pretty wild with their new recipes and options. The crossover branding between famous treats and brands has reached new highs and Del Taco has decided to join in on the fun. For a limited time only, and at participating Del Taco restaurants, the Mini Churro Dipper Shake is now available. This scrumptious shake features vanilla ice cream, chocolate swirls and a legit Churro inside of it!

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