Fast Food Delights: New Treats & Classics Return

Hardee’s Welcomes Back Philly Cheesesteak Burgers and Burritos

If you missed them last year, Hardee’s is giving you another chance to savor their Philly Cheesesteak Angus Burger and Philly Cheesesteak Breakfast Burrito. Here’s what makes these menu items so delectable:

  • The Philly Cheesesteak Angus Thickburger features a hefty one-third-pound Angus beef patty, ribeye slices, fire-roasted onions and peppers, cheese, and mayo on a toasted potato bun.
  • Breakfast goers can indulge in the Philly Cheesesteak Breakfast Burrito, brimming with folded eggs, ribeye slices, fire-roasted onions and peppers, and cheese all wrapped in a warm flour tortilla.

My Rewards Members can snag a $2 off promo on any size Philly Cheesesteak combo for a short period, thanks to the Hardee’s app.

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s Reintroduce Fish Sandwich for Lent

For those observing Lent or simply craving seafood, the Panko-Breaded Fish Sandwich returns to the menus of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s. Here’s the catch:

  • Crispy panko-breaded fish filet
  • Accompanied by shredded lettuce and tartar sauce
  • Served on a toasted bun

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