IHOP’s Spring 2024 Menu: Pepsi Maple Cola & More

Today marks the exciting return of the Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola to IHOP’s menu, with availability across all participating locations in the United States. A previous limited run in March 2022 garnered significant attention, but now it’s back to delight even more customers starting from April 1, 2024.

IHOP Pepsi Maple Cola
Image via IHOP

New Beverage Experience: Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola & Float

Combining the nostalgic flavors of maple syrup and the iconic taste of Pepsi, IHOP introduces two unique ways to enjoy this fusion:

  • Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola: A standalone beverage that marries the sweet taste of maple with the classic Pepsi.
  • Maple Syrup Cola Float: An indulgent treat featuring the cola paired with creamy vanilla ice cream for a decadent float experience.

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