Sonic’s Groovy Fries & Sauce Coming May 2024

Exciting news for all you fast-food enthusiasts! Sonic is spicing up their menu with the introduction of their new Groovy Fries and Groovy Sauce. Mark your calendars because these mouth-watering additions are landing next month!

Sonic Drive In New Groovy Fries
Image via Sonic

Introducing the Groovy Fries

  • Crispy Exterior: Perfectly golden fries with an irresistibly crunchy outside.
  • Fluffy Interior: Soft, pillowy potato goodness on the inside, providing the perfect bite.
  • Deep Grooves: Unique design meant to scoop up generous amounts of dipping sauce.

And the Perfect Pairing: Groovy Sauce

  • Creamy Ranch Fusion: Indulge in a creamy, herb-infused ranch base.
  • Mild Sriracha Kick: Just the right amount of heat thanks to a touch of sriracha spice.
  • Complimentary with Groovy Fries: Enjoy Groovy Sauce at no extra cost when paired with Groovy Fries!

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