Spicy Delight: Church’s New Hot Sauce

Famed fried chicken connoisseurs, Church’s Texas Chicken, are turning up the heat with an exciting addition to their menu – the brand new Signature Hot Sauce. This fiery condiment is a flavorful tribute to the restaurant’s heritage and the pepper experts featured in Hulu’s documentary, Superhot: The Spicy World of Pepper People.

Church's Chicken Signature Hot Sauce copy
Image via Church’s Chicken

Ignite Your Taste Buds with Flavorful Heat

  • Bold Ingredients: The sauce is a delightful combination of habanero peppers, red chilies, and roasted garlic, perfectly balanced with aromatic spices.
  • Expert Collaboration: Church’s Head Chefs, Kevin Houston and Eric Stein, worked alongside renowned pepper growers Bobby McFadden and Aurea de Guzman to craft this unique hot sauce.

Pair the Heat with Your Favorite Church’s Meal

The all-new Signature Hot Sauce can be enjoyed with an array of Church’s spicy dishes, such as:

  • An 8-Piece Spicy Bone-In Chicken or Tenders meal including classic sides and jalapeño cheddar biscuits, pricing starts at $15.99.
  • The Texas 2-Piece Spicy Bone-In Chicken or Tenders, complete with a Cheddapeño Biscuit and signature jalapeños, with prices beginning at $3.49.

Find this new hot sauce at participating Church’s Texas Chicken locations throughout the United States and enhance your dining experience with a kick of heat and sweetness.

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