Spring 2024: Denny’s Unveils New Menu Treats

As spring blossoms, Denny’s is spicing up its menu with the introduction of several new tantalizing offerings, including the BBQ Bacon Chicken Sandwich, a decadent Brownie Sundae with Oreo Pieces, and delightful Cinnamon Sugar Pancake Puppies. These mouthwatering additions are available at participating Denny’s locations for a limited time.

Denny's New BBQ Bacon Chicken Sandwich
Image via Denny’s

Feast Your Eyes on the New Delights

  • New BBQ Bacon Chicken Sandwich

    Indulge in the savory flavors of a perfectly grilled chicken breast, glazed with tangy BBQ sauce and topped with strips of crispy bacon. Add the rich, aged white cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato, and sliced pickles all nestled within a grilled brioche bun for a burst of flavor in every bite. A side of crispy, wavy-cut fries completes this mouthwatering sandwich.

  • New Brownie Sundae with Oreo Pieces

    Satisfy your sweet tooth with a warm chocolate brownie base, topped with premium vanilla ice cream, crunchy Oreo cookie pieces, and a generous drizzle of chocolate sauce for a truly divine dessert experience.

  • New Cinnamon Sugar Pancake Puppies

    Enjoy bite-sized morsels of happiness with these fried pancake bites, coated in cinnamon sugar and accompanied by a sweet cream cheese icing for dipping. They’re the perfect blend of comfort and sweetness.

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