taco bell deals and specials February 2024

Taco Bell’s February 2024 Specials: A Feast of Savings and New Flavors!

Taco Bell is kicking off February 2024 with a bang, offering a variety of deals that are sure to excite both long-time fans and newcomers alike. Whether you’re in the mood for something cheesy, crunchy, or a little bit of both, Taco Bell’s latest promotions have got you covered.

Digital Deal Extravaganza

Taco Bell’s digital deal schedule through February 13, 2024, is packed with tempting offers available through their app and website. Highlights include discounts on delivery orders, special rewards for app users, and unique “Tuesday Drop” deals that offer significant savings on fan favorites. From getting $5 off a $20 Taco Bell Delivery order to exclusive promo codes for $1 items and even a Free Taco Party Pack for the first 10,000 Rewards members, there’s a deal for every craving​​.

Third-Party Delivery Specials

For those who prefer ordering through third-party delivery services, Taco Bell hasn’t forgotten about you. Enjoy free Nacho Fries with a $20+ order, get $3 off $22+ orders, and even score buy-one-get-one-free deals on select items. There are also specific promotions for breakfast hours, including free Cinnamon Twists and discounts on orders over $15, making your morning start a little brighter​​.

Revamped Cravings Value Menu

In addition to these digital deals, Taco Bell has introduced a new Cravings Value Menu and a Veggie Build-Your-Own-Cravings-Box. The updated Cravings Value Menu now features 10 crave-worthy items all priced at $3 or less, including vegetarian options to cater to all dietary preferences. The Veggie Build-Your-Own-Cravings-Box is a permanent addition, priced at $5.99, offering a customizable vegetarian meal that’s both satisfying and wallet-friendly​​.

Why These Deals Matter

Taco Bell’s latest promotions reflect their commitment to providing value and variety to their customers. With the introduction of new menu items and the enhancement of their value offerings, Taco Bell ensures that everyone can enjoy their delicious meals without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a dedicated Taco Bell fan or just looking for a tasty, affordable meal option, these February deals are designed to delight.

Make sure to check out Taco Bell’s app or website to take advantage of these offers before they’re gone. With so many options to choose from, February is the perfect time to indulge in your Taco Bell favorites or try something new. Enjoy the feast!

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