Taco Bell Deals & Specials May 2023

Taco Bell’s Sizzling New Deals for May 2023: Enter The Steak Chile Verde Fries and the Return of the Enchirito!

This May, Taco Bell is not just heating things up, they’re setting your taste buds on fire with a series of incredible deals that will have you running for the border. Tantalize your palate with the debut of the Steak Chile Verde Fries and the re-emergence of a beloved classic, the Enchirito, for a limited time.

Steak Chile Verde Fries: A Flavorsome Fiesta

Taking their renowned Nacho Fries to the next level, Taco Bell introduces the new Steak Chile Verde Fries this month. Each fry is generously doused in a tangy new Chile Verde sauce, boasting a compelling blend of jalapeno, lime, and zesty herbs. But the toppings don’t stop there; we’re talking a layer of warm nacho cheese sauce, a hearty sprinkle of three-cheese blend, a dollop of reduced-fat sour cream, crispy Fiesta strips, and of course, the marinated grilled steak.

Should you crave a portable version of this culinary delight, Taco Bell’s got you covered with the Steak Chile Verde Fries Burrito. This mouthwatering feast wraps up all the components of its fries counterpart inside a warm flour tortilla.

Now let’s talk numbers. The Steak Chile Verde Fries will set you back $4.49, while the burrito version is available for a tempting $3.99. Veggie lovers fear not, for Taco Bell also offers vegetarian-friendly alternatives, allowing you to swap the steak for black beans in both dishes, priced at $3.79 for the fries and $3.49 for the burrito.

The Grand Comeback: The Enchirito

But that’s not all! May 2023 is also the month where we welcome the triumphant return of a classic—the Enchirito. This legendary fusion of a burrito and an enchilada is now exclusively available through Taco Bell’s digital platforms, for a sweet $3.79.

The Enchirito packs a punch with a soft, warm flour tortilla brimming with seasoned ground beef, beans, and diced onions. The filling is generously smothered in Taco Bell’s signature red sauce and topped with a generous layer of shredded cheddar cheese.

While the Enchirito is a “limited time” offer, its ingredients are standard Taco Bell fare, meaning fans might be able to recreate it even after the promotion concludes.

With the unveiling of the Steak Chile Verde Fries and the nostalgic return of the Enchirito, Taco Bell continues to demonstrate their culinary creativity. This May, get ready to embark on an exciting flavor journey that combines traditional Mexican cuisine with the convenience of fast food. So what are you waiting for? Head over to Taco Bell today to take advantage of these tantalizing deals!

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