The Habit $6 Grown Up Meal Deal Starts Mar 13

Value meets quality at The Habit Burger Grill as they roll out a new menu item tailored for adults looking to enjoy a quality meal at a kids’ menu price. The $6 Grown-Up Meal launches on March 13 in participating locations, taking a direct approach to accommodate diners during tough economic times.

Savvy Dining in the Face of Inflation

  • A recent OnePoll survey of 2,000 American adults reveals a fascinating trend: 75% endorse the practice of ordering children’s meals for savings, avoiding the stigma associated with it.
  • Despite the approval, only 20% have actually taken advantage of kids’ meals themselves due to embarrassment.
  • Jack Hinchliffe, CMO of Habit Burger, spots an increase in adults discreetly opting for the economical choices featured on kids’ menus.
The Habit 6 Dollar Grown Up Meal Deal
Image via The Habit

The Grown-Up Meal: What’s Inside?

The cleverly conceived Grown-Up Meal not only addresses the pocketbook but also the palate, featuring:

  • A full-sized Charburger – famous for its open-flame grilling technique, imparting a signature smokiness.
  • A small serving of fries.
  • A regular beverage.
  • An amusing twist – a mini gummy burger to top off the experience.

Why Choose The Habit’s Grown-Up Meal?

  • It offers a solution for cost-conscious diners without cutting corners on portion size or taste.
  • The Grown-Up Meal upholds Habit Burger’s standard of high-quality, fresh, chargrilled foods.
  • “Eat Like Adults, Pay Like Kids” – a brand stance endorsing stress-free dining amidst financial pressures.
  • It’s a limited-time offering that brings everyday value to the forefront of the dining experience.

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