Wingstop Drops New T.H.C. Rub for 4/20

In celebration of 4/20, Wingstop is bringing a scorching new flavor to the table with its T.H.C. (The Hot Chili) Rub. Between April 18 and April 21, 2024, the fan-favorite Wingstop Hot Box is making a comeback, this time packing some serious heat with its latest spice offering.

Wingstop 4-20 THC Dry Rub
Image via Wingstop

Wingstop Hot Box – Packed with Heat

  • Menu Options: Pick between a chicken sandwich, 8-piece classic or boneless wings, or a 3-piece tender.
  • New T.H.C. Rub: A fiery blend of chilies, herbs, and secret spices that’s sure to ignite your senses.
  • Signature Pairing: Complemented by Wingstop’s beloved ranch dressing for a perfect balance.
  • Complete Meal: Comes with seasoned fries and a 20-oz drink for a full dining experience.

Ordering Made Easy

Secure your Wingstop Hot Box with the exclusive T.H.C. (The Hot Chili) Rub by placing an order on or through the Wingstop app. Act fast – it’s available only while supplies last!


Despite the cheeky nod to 4/20 culture, Wingstop’s T.H.C. (The Hot Chili) Rub contains zero cannabis, THC, or any cannabis derivatives. It’s all about the heat, not the high!

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